Produce, Food, and Drink Photography

This can be carried out in the photo-studio or on location at your restaurant, warehouse, office, or place of business. From establishing location shots, your staff, produce, action cooking shots, dining, lifestyle, or attractive listing images for your online platforms (Deliveroo, Just Eat, Tastecard, Too Good To Go, Uber Eats, etc), all can be photographed to give you the most appealing and mouth-watering presentation.

There are various approaches to showing your produce, food, and drink in the best possible light (pun intended): high-key (white or bright background), low-key (black or dark background), lifestyle (product placement or complimentary images), infographic, or posed with models.

High quality photographs and infographics are also powerful marketing tools for your own marketing and advertising, but additionally for any online platforms that you may use.

In addition to straight-forward photographic services, we offer full project management service to your brief.

High Key

In the studio, anything from produce to plated meals can be photographed in a light tent or similar setup for best results. Light is diffused, attractive, and under control.

Larger items and modelled products can be shot on white seemless backgrounds, with diffused strobe lighting (flash heads with softboxes).

Low Key

Containing predominantly dark tones and colours, low-key photographs create a contrasty chiaroscuro effect, which can set off your products in a dramatic and pleasing manner.



InfoGraphics provide for immediate and effective communication, which can be used to convey one or more of the following: visual symbolism, conceptual metaphors, visualisation of key messages, concise aphoristic principles, key bullet points , outlining your mission statement or advertising aims.